Michael W. Posner, MSW, LCSW, DCSW is licensed by the State of Oklahoma, and has been conducting counseling and psychotherapy sessions with individuals and couples for approximately 20 years. He works primarily with adults, occasionally with older adolescents, but not with children. About half his cases are individuals, and half are couples.

Mr. Posner’s approach is non-judgemental, not seeking someone to criticize or blame, but rather how to make things better.  He also balances the following important elements:

  1. Providing a safe and supportive forum for clients to talk about and think through their situations
  2. Teaching practical skills–to help manage emotions, communicate more effectively, improve relationships, and better understand ourselves and others
  3. Offering insight and deeper awareness on how past influences continue to shape us today, and how we can begin to take more control over our present lives

An important aspect of Mr. Posner’s approach is that he applies a well-researched framework for understand each client’s personality type and temperament–the system associated with the MBTI instrument–and does not treat all people the same. He respects the individuality of each client, and understands that there are many ways of being normal.

Mr. Posner works well with both religious and non-religious people. He respects each client’s belief system. He is not a Christian counselor; he focuses on helping clients in ways that do not depend on believing or rejecting any specific set of theological beliefs.

Meetings by appointment only. Day & Evening hours. Weekend appointments, if needed.

If you have further questions, you may want to check the FAQ’s page on this website.

If you’d like to be in touch, either for further information or to set an appointment, the best way is by phone, at 809-4777.

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